Prepare and Ship Your Papers

April 14, 2017

Prepare and Ship Your Papers

We are so excited to make your 4everBound Book(s)!  But first, we need your papers! 


CHOOSE the papers you want in your book. 

4everBound Custom Books remove staples and paperclipsREMOVE staples, paperclips, binding combs, yarn, string, anything that is holding papers together.  You don’t have to remove staples or paperclips if you ordered removal service.

REMEMBER that 1/2 inch on the left side of your papers will be inside the binding area and will not be visible.

TRIM any pages that are larger than 8.5 x 11.  If you want us to trim, with our professional paper cutter, please email us at  We are more than happy to help, but there is an additional charge depending how many pages are to be trimmed, and we need you to sign a waiver. (The waiver simply says you trust us to determine the best place to trim the page and you won't hold us liable if you don't like where we trim.)

PLACE your pages in the order you want them to be appear in the book and make sure that's how you want them.  We will not rearrange them, so if any pages are upside down or backwards, that's how they will be bound in the book.  If you ordered additional items like a Pocket Divider or Photo Page, we automatically place those in the back of the book, unless you tell us otherwise. We highly recommend the Pocket Divider stay in the back of the book, because it is not as flexible as regular pages. However, it's your book, so if you want it someplace else in the book, we are happy to oblige. Just put in a piece of paper as a placeholder and put a sticky note or something on it so we can see it clearly. Tell us "PUT POCKET PAGE HERE" or something like that.  Otherwise, it just goes at the end of the book.

STACK your papers neatly, but doesn’t need to be perfect.

MEASURE your stack to make sure your pages will fit in your book.  See measuring chart below.

REMOVE pages if necessary or UPSIZE if necessary.

How to measure pages for your 4everBound Book


STACK your papers neatly, but doesn’t need to be perfect.

MEASURE your stack alongside the left hand binding edge, to make sure your pages will fit in your book, according to the chart above.

REMOVE pages if necessary.

UPSIZE if you prefer that over removing pages.  See Upsize Option.

UPSIZE OPTION:  If you ordered a Sentiment or Keepsake and then discover you would prefer a thicker book, you can UPSIZE before you send in your papers.     However, Chronicle is our largest book, so there is no upsize option.  Instead, you can order a second volume if you prefer.  Email us at so we can upsize you or add a second volume.


You can ship your papers however you like, but we have some specific recommendations to save you money and, hopefully, time at the Post Office.


  • Low postage rates when using Flat or Regional service.  
  • Price includes tracking.  You can sign up for email notifications, text notifications, or just go online and track your package.  Additionally, we will email you when your package arrives.
  • Price includes insurance up to $50.  You can add more if you like.
  • Packaging is free.  Boxes and envelopes available the post office or you can order online and have it delivered to your door.
  • Packages arrive in 1-3 days.  It's not guaranteed, but is extremely consistent. That's why companies like Amazon use it almost exclusively.
  • Once you have your box, you can create a label, pay for postage, print label, box your stuff, tape it up and drop it all off at the post office without standing in line.


  • Pay for your postage and print a shipping label
  • Order free priority mail boxes and envelopes to be delivered to your door
  • Track your package and sign up for text notifications
  • Request package pick up


Legal Flat Rate Envelope 4everBound Custom BooksPRIORITY MAIL LEGAL FLAT RATE ENVELOPE:  $6.95 includes tracking and insurance.  Arrives 1-3 Days.  Good for most people ordering Sentiment book.  Legal Flat Rate Envelopes usually available at the counter or can be ordered free online.

Regional Flat Rate Box A2PRIORITY MAIL REGIONAL BOX A2:  Prices are flat, between $6.52 to $10.28, broken down by zone. The closer you are to Arizona, the lower your price, but most packages shouldn't cost more than $10.28.  A2 is the rectangular box.  If you don't want to go to the Post Office to pick up a box, or if the PO doesn't have any, you can order them online for free to be delivered to your door.  They only catch is they come in lots of 10, so you'd have 9 boxes left over.  (Hey, those could come in handy for wrapping gifts or you could return them to the Post Office when you drop off your package, they'll be happy to have them.  This size of the PRIORITY REGIONAL BOX A2 will be big enough to fit the pages for most orders.  

Medium Flat Rate Box 2 4everBound Custom BooksPRIORITY MAIL MEDIUM FLAT RATE BOX 2:  Flat Rate no matter where it's coming from in the United States, current price is $13.60.  Boxes usually readily available in the lobby at the PO, so you don't usually need to ask at the counter.  Box 2 is the rectangular long box.  This box will be big enough to fit the papers for most orders.

If you need a larger box, the Large Flat Rate Box is a good choice and a little over $20.

You can always check with the person working behind the counter at the USPS for their recommendations how to ship.  These are our suggestions, but you can certainly ship papers to us however you like.  


4everBound attn: Robyn Pomonis

826 E Palisades Rd

Oro Valley AZ 85737

We hope you found this helpful and please email us with any questions!  If you have already placed your order, then email  If you haven't yet ordered, please email

Looking forward to receiving your package! ~ Robyn


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