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Pomonis family 4everBound ownersHi, we are the Pomonis family, from Tucson, Arizona.  Peter and Robyn, plus Becka, Ian and Cali.  With two already graduated from school and our youngest in 3rd grade, we have a whopping 48 combined years of art and schoolwork collected. Treasured memories and milestones we can't bear to throw away. You probably have similar pages saved...from finger painting masterpieces to a 6th grade essay on Beowulf and everything in between.  Achievement awards, A+ tests, certificates, report cards, even college letters of acceptance.  We saved it all.  Well, most of it, anyway.

elementary school and artwork 4everboundOf course, many things started out on the fridge or the wall, but eventually made their way to a drawer or box, to be saved for "someday".  As that space grew with more and more "someday" papers, the older ones would get transferred to a plastic bin, which ultimately wound up in the garage, never to be seen again.   You're nodding your head, right? Plastic bins in the garage filled with saved writings, school work and artwork from Preschool through at least Middle School.  Sometimes I would glance at it and say "I need to do something with that one day", but usually I just averted my eyes.  If I don't look at it, it doesn't exist. Well, one day last year or so, Peter was inspired by a project at work and came home with the fantastic idea of permanently binding the pages into hard cover, yearbook style books.  At first, I thought it very strange for him to come up with this idea, because I didn't even think he knew I saved all that stuff.  Then I remembered he uses the same garage I do and sees the same bins I do.  So, I started sifting through all of Cali's Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade papers and I became very excited to bind each grade into its very own book.  I could see what a great gift they would be not only to us, but to her when she grows up and moves out.  Instead of shoving a box full of papers at her, we can gift her all her beautiful books that she can share with her kids someday.  

4everBound Photo PageEven the big kids like it.  When our 20 year old saw the books we made for Cali, he dove into his closet and dug out his own crumpled up box of things he had saved over the years...composition books filled with cartoons, drawings, doodles, letters, and stories, and asked if I could "put all this stuff" in a book, too.   (Here's our Archival Photo Page insert with some of my favorite photos of Ian at Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, TX)  

4everBound Keepsake BookWe showed Cali's new books to some friends and everybody said "I want one".  Literally everyone.  So that's when we decided to turn it into a business.  Our books aren't just for school aged kids, either.  They can be created for pretty much anything paper that you want saved, as long as it's not larger than 8.5 x 11.  They make fantastic gifts for grandparents, high school graduates, Mother's or Father's Day, a personalized journal or art book, and more. We recently made a memorial book. How about all the drawings and letters that Grandma and Grandpa saved over the years?  Wouldn't all those papers be better preserved and enjoyed in a beautiful, personalized book on the shelf?  

Foil Printing Specialty Font 4everbound

We all have important books in our lives...yearbooks, wedding albums and baby books. They are usually somewhere in the house, on a shelf or a table, where they can be enjoyed from time to time.  At 4everBound, we do the same with all the original pages upon pages of collected school and artwork, or anything paper that you want to keep and remember.  All you need to do is send it to us in the order you want it to appear in the book and we take care of the rest.  We professionally bind it with a hard cover in a choice of colors and customize it with foil printing with name and year/grade. You can add a logo or monogram on the cover, and have their name added to the book spine, which is great for displaying books on the shelf. We offer a variety of extras like fun font choices, a title page for the book, photo pages to slip in a few pictures, clear page protectors for holding special or odd shaped documents that won't bind well, and pockets to hold mementos, cards, or discs.  

Peter's mother, who is in her 80's, says she has a box of his schoolwork saved from when he was a boy.  We suspect there are many grandparents out there with similar boxes filled with papers 30, 40, 50 years old.  Imagine sitting down with Cali to show her what homework looked like in the 70's.  That's like forever ago! 

Eventually, we will hand our 4everBound books down to our kids, so they can enjoy and share them with their families one day.  For now, all their saved original work is neatly bound and sitting on the shelf. 

We would love to do the same for you.  So much so that Robyn receives and replies to every email contact personally.  Use the contact form below and your message will go directly to her.  

Robyn and Peter Pomonis, Owners

Parents to Becka, Ian and Cali 


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