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About Us

Hi, we're from Tucson, Arizona and we are the founders of 4everBound - Peter and Robyn.

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We have three amazing children, plus a daughter-in-law, a soon to be son-in-law, and two grand babies. The ages of our kids span from 30 to 16, plus the cute grand babies are 2 and 8 months. So, it's safe to say we have a LOT of artwork and schoolwork saved up, with more on the way! 

Back in 2015, while organizing our garage, we estimated that we had 49 years' worth of artwork, schoolwork, greeting cards, and camp letters from our kids. Unable to part with these cherished memories, we researched ways to preserve them.  We knew of one company that will photograph the artwork, but we wanted to keep the originals, not have a photo of them. Plus, did we really want to pay to have essays, tests, report cards, greeting cards, letters, and notes photographed?  No, we'd rather have the originals. So, we set out to create a better solution for saving the originals. 

In addition to being parents and grandparents, we have both spent decades in careers focused on business management, sales, marketing, web development, e-commerce, and mail fulfillment, so we had all the skills, experience, and creative ability to come up with our own solution and execute it.

Through trial and error, practice and more practice, we created our first 4everBound prototype in 2017 with our youngest daughter's art and schoolwork.  Here it is, our very first 4everBound Book, showcased in our very first video:

The response from friends and family was positive and overwhelming, inspiring us to invest time and money into equipment and infrastructure so we could offer this same solution to parents across the country. 

Since our launch in the spring of 2017, we have been featured on a variety of websites, blogs like Forbes and Parenting, and printed magazines like Real Simple, People, Woman's World and more.  But that's not what we are most proud of.  We have made and shipped thousands of books to families in every state in the U.S. We have touched the lives of countless families, creating books with powerful stories and connections. With professional equipment and personalized covers, we meticulously assemble each book by hand. Our books hold more than just papers; they are precious memories that can be passed down for generations. We have branched into creating books with treasured family heirlooms like vintage letters, annual Christmas letters, newspaper clippings, family recipes, deployment letters, love letters, greeting cards, special occasions and sympathy. We also now specialize in scanning vintage documents.  We've handled documents and letters dating back to the late 1800's. 

We're getting a little more well known out there, too.  We've bound books for some popular bloggers and Instagram influencers, and also we've bound books for VP Execs at Nike and Boar's Head, for a US Ambassador, for the daughters of a sitting US Congressman, a state supreme court judge, Hollywood execs, and more. EVERYBODY has precious papers saved and we offer a solution for keeping the originals or making duplicates for family members.

As we've grown, we still handle all customer inquiries personally. When you communicate with 4everBound through email, web chat, Facebook messenger, Instagram messenger, phone, or text, you are speaking directly with either Robyn or Peter. Trusting us with your memories is an honor we handle with tremendous care and we believe strongly that you should be able to reach us and speak with us directly whenever needed.

If you've read this far, thank you.  Thank you for considering us, for trusting us, and we look forward to seeing how we can help you get your treasured paper memories bound into a 4everBound Book.

Robyn & Peter Pomonis, July 2023

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