Are The Books Copies or Originals? – 4everBound

When people see our books, the first thing they say is "oooooh, that's cool!".  The second thing they say is "Are those copies?"  We are always so excited to say, "Nope, those are the originals!"   That's right.  We take the ORIGINAL pages your child wrote and drew and colored and scribbled and we bind them into a personalized, hardcover book.  There is something extremely sentimental and special about preserving the look and feel of the actual papers you've saved.  The book becomes an eclectic mix of construction, copy, notebook and cardstock, so no two books are ever the same.  

Parents (usually moms, it's true) typically save boatloads of papers throughout the year. One mom we recently met was thinking of scanning everything so she could have digital books made, but she immediately said "This is a much better option."  Truth is, even if she did finally get around to it, can you imagine standing there trying to scan 150 to 1500 different pieces of paper you've saved over the years, if not more?  I'd be done at ten, max.  Maybe 20.  What's that saying...Ain't nobody got time for that?  Granted, some of you are much more industrious than me.  Or her.  But even if you get one book done, the truth is, you'll never want to repeat that painful process.  It's far too time consuming.  In addition to all the time you spent scanning your pages, time you don't have anyway, you still have to pay for the digital book to be created, and the finished product won't be original.  It's not cost or time effective and the end result isn't even close.

Don't get us wrong, we love all the digital book options there are out there and we use them ourselves, especially photos and social media.  The content is already digital, so it makes sense.  But our kids' original work is different and we save it for our own special reasons.  Let us help you preserve it in a special, personalized hardcover book.  


PS:  I'd like to thank Rosalind for giving up her idea to scan all her pages and have us make an original book for her instead. :)

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