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Extra Services


Our books are designed to hold sheets of paper like artwork and schoolwork.  If you have smaller items (4 x 6 or smaller) like sticky notes, doodles, lunch notes, name tags, ticket stubs, etc., they require extra time and material to prepare them for your book. If you choose to add this service, we will include as many items that will fit into your book.  If you book reaches the maximum thickness of 1.5 inches, we will return anything remaining.  

PHOTO COLLAGING SERVICE $50 plus cost to print*

We will scan up to 100 photos and create photo collages to print and include in a photo section at the back of your book.  We can fit anywhere from 5-7 photos per page, depending on their orientation. Additional fees for more that 100 photos will apply.  Printing is 85 cents per page color;  50 photos will typically be 7 pages, or $6 to print.  Service also includes a PDF copy of your collages that you can download and keep, delivered via Google Drive or Dropbox at no extra charge.

You may add Photo Collaging Service to your book by selecting it on your Cover Sheet that came with your kit, and then send your photos with your papers. Or, you may email orders@4everbound.com to request we add it. The printed photo section will be placed at the end of your book unless otherwise requested. 

PHOTO COLLAGING COST EXAMPLE: If you have 25-50 photos you want included with your book, the cost will be $50 plus around $4 - $6 to print.  


You can select to order these services on your Cover Sheet that came with your kit.  Or, you may email orders@4everbound.com to request we add it.



We also offer pockets, clear archival sleeves, and clear photo sleeves that you can add to the back of your book. Then, when you receive your book, you can add whatever will fit.  You can select/purchase these items to your book when you personalize/customize online and then you will be billed accordingly.  These items range in price from $2.99 to $5.99 each.

Archival sleeves will allow you to slide in any items up to 8x10.  If you want to put 8.5 x 11 items in there, you will have to trim it down a little.

Photo sleeves allow for (4) 4x6 photos, plus some smaller sections to add wallet size photos or other little notes/mementos, like a sticky note or a ticket stub.

Pocket dividers have two pockets on each side for holding flat items, greeting cards, whatever you want to tuck in there.  There is also an additional envelope added to one side to tuck in other small notes and mementos.

We recommend no more than 1 pocket divider per book. 


If you would like us to add 3 sheets of blank paper to the back of your book, we will do that at no extra cost, just request it on your Cover Sheet when you send in your papers.  You can then tape/glue/affix anything you want to those pages when you get your book back.

Or, you can add your own blank paper wherever you want it in your pile of papers before you send them to us.  Then they will be bound into the book for you.  We do not recommend heavy cardstock paper, as the paper will be pretty stiff once you add more items to it.  It's your call, but we suggest/recommend stationery, scrapbook paper that isn't cardstock, or regular plain printer paper up to 32lb. 


What if I order a some of those extras like sleeves and pockets but my book is already full?

If we find that your book is too full when we are ready to bind, we will contact you and let you know that we suggest removing them.  If you agree, we will refund any extras you may have paid for.  Or, you can choose to add another book and spread out all your papers and extra items over two books.  

What if I only have 20 photos to include in my book, is the cost the same?  Yes, the cost is $45 for up to 100 photos.  This includes the labor, set up, scanning, and arranging of your photos. 

If I order pockets or sleeves, do you add the items for me?  No, you should keep those items at home with you and add them when you get your book. If you send them, we will assume you want the Scrapbooking/Memento service and will bill you for that.  Only send the small items if you want the Scrapbooking/Mementos Service.

Are there discounts for these services?  We do not apply discounts to the Scrap/Memento Service or the Photo Collaging Service, as these are mostly labor services.  If you have used a discount coupon with your original order (for example 10% off), then that discount will apply to any physical items you add, like pockets and sleeves. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email orders@4everbound.com.