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Our favorite thing about Lucas's Keepsake Book is the adorable, odd shaped pieces we were able to incorporate without having to glue them onto extra pieces of paper. We often receive things that aren't square or rectangular, especially with Pre-K and Kindergarten books. Even if the piece is round, like the blue moon below, if there is room enough on at least one edge where we can "catch" it into the binding area, we really prefer the look of binding pieces on their own, rather than attaching them to a piece of paper.  

Below is blue moon made from a pie plate, a cut-out Queen, and a yellow duck whose head gets folded in when the book is closed.

Paper Plate Moon 4everBound BookQueen Lucas 4everBound BookRubber ducky cutout 4everBound Book

Here is a wagon with wheels and a red handle. We bound the wagon in on the left side and then folded the red handle in so it's not sticking out when the book is closed.

W is for Wagon 4everBound W is for Wagon handle 4everBound

The owl below is not attached to a page underneath. We bound it into the book by its ears. No, not its real ears, that would be cruel. By its paper ears. The wings are made from pieces of paper plate, which are folded in when the book is closed.

Paper plate Owl wings 4everBound BookPaper plate owl 4everBound Book

We include up to five pages of folding, trimming or gluing, which includes gluing odd shaped pieces, with the price of every book. If you have some items that you would like to include in your book go ahead and send it and if we can get it in the book we will.

Items with googly eyes are usually okay, but items with lots of cotton balls or fuzzies are usually not. Cotton and fuzzies take up a lot of space in the book and are very bulky. Paper plates are not all the same...the thinner/flimsier/flatter the plate, the better. 

If we can't get something into your book, please know we tried every possible position. We will return any items we can't bind with your finished book.

What sets our books apart from all the other digital memory book services out there is the fact that our books hold ORIGINAL papers, not scans or copies. So, it's important to us that we be able to include as many original pieces as we can, including things that are shaped like ducks, queens, moons, wagons, owls, and more.

Here are more images from Lucas's Pre-School 4everBound Book:

Lucas 4everBound Navy Blue BookHungry Caterpillar 4everBound BookLetter K Preschool 4everBound Book

J is for Jesus 4everBound BookWe Walk by Faith 4everBound Book Handprint Snail 4everBound Book

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