Country Owl 4everBound Chronical Hardcover Book Second GradeLillian's dad, Eric, was able to fit 200 pages of her hard work from second grade into this navy blue 1.5 inch Chronicle book.  Drawings, tests, athletic events, cursive writing practice sheets, math, spelling and more, all bound into a personalized, hardcover book.  He used one of our favorite fonts for little girls...the Sweetie Pie font, and added a horse must be her favorite animal or activity outside of school.  Maybe even her pet?

  Cupcake 4everbound Chronicle Hardcover Book Second Grade

He even created a fold out with one of her larger pieces, shown below.  He "z" folded it down so the entire page wasn't bigger than 8.5 wide, but he made sure not to bring the fold all the way in to the left hand edge, because he knew it would get caught in the bind.  If that's something you want to try, just make sure not to fold it all the way to the left hand edge. Leave an inch to be safe. Or, we can fold it for you. Congrats, Dad, for making such an adorable book for your little girl, Lillian.
Fold Out Page 4everBound Hardcover BookFold out page 4everBound Hardcover Book

cursive writing practice second grade 4everbound Hardcover book

Navy blue Chronicle 4everBound hardcover book with gold foil horse silhouette and sweetie pie font Lillian's Chronicle book is navy blue with gold foil, personalized with Sweetie Pie font and a horse silhouette.

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