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Book Sizes and Pages

What services are included with my 4everBound book?

Do you bind copies or originals in a 4everBound book?

How many pages can you bind in a 4everBound book?

What about oversized pages?

What about smaller items or odd shaped items?

Can I bind greeting cards in my 4everBound Book?

Can I include photos, newpaper articles, ticket stubs?

What if something I send won’t bind well in the book?

I have years of papers saved- where do I even begin?

I have a bunch of vintage letters, can you bind them?


What if I’m nervous about sending my papers to 4everBound?

How do you ship the finished book back to me?

How long will it take for my book to arrive?

Specialty Books

What other types of books can I make?

Can you bind greeting cards and photos?