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Why You Should Keep Your Child's Original Art and Schoolwork

Why You Should Keep Your Child's Original Art and Schoolwork

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Why You Should Keep Your Child's Original Art and Schoolwork...

Keeping your child's original art and schoolwork is a wonderful way to preserve their memories and achievements, and there are several reasons why it's worth doing so:

  1. A record of progress: Your child's artwork and schoolwork shows how they've developed and progressed over time. You see their skill level improve, and even see the ways in which their interests and passions have evolved.

  2. Memories: These items serve as tangible reminders of special moments in your child's life, such as their first drawing, their first story, or a particularly impressive project.

  3. Self-esteem boost: When you keep your child's artwork and schoolwork, you're sending them the message that their efforts are valued and important. This boosts their self-esteem and encourages them to continue pursuing their interests.

  4. Reflection: Looking back on your child's artwork and schoolwork helps you reflect on your own parenting journey and the special moments you've shared with your child.

  5. Share with others: You may also want to share your child's artwork and schoolwork with family members, friends, or even future generations. These items can serve as a connection to your child's past and their unique personality.

Keeping your child's original artwork is meaningful

Overall, keeping your child's original art and schoolwork is a meaningful way to celebrate their growth, creativity, and achievements.

A hardcover 4everbound Book makes it wasy to enjoy children's artwork

There are a few ways to save these pieces...folders, binders, boxes, photos. But eventually, that folder or box gets packed away somewhere and eventually forgotten...perhaps even thrown out.

4everBound solves this problem for you because we can take all your originals and bind them into a hardcover book.  A book is a fantastic way to store your child's artwork and schoolwork for several reasons:

  1. Protection: Books offer better protection for artwork than a box or folder, which can easily get damaged or torn. A book's cover helps protect the artwork from dust, light, and accidentally getting thrown away, helping to preserve it for years to come.

  2. Organization: A book allows you to organize your child's artwork in a neat and orderly way, with each piece having its own page or spread. You can also organize by grade, year, or time period. This makes it easy to flip through and enjoy their creations, as well as keep track of what they've made over time.

  3. Display: A book is a beautiful and meaningful way to display your child's artwork, as it can be placed on a coffee table or bookshelf for others to enjoy. It can also be a special keepsake to look back on as your child grows up.

  4. Creativity: A book can inspire creativity in your child, as they can see their artwork presented in a more formal and professional manner. It can also encourage them to continue making art, knowing that their creations are being appreciated and valued.

  5. Legacy:  When your child grows up and moves out, you can gift them a beautiful book or set of books for them to keep and show their own family one day, which is far more meaningful and practical than handing them a box of papers.

Overall, using a book to store your child's artwork can be a practical, organized, and creative way to preserve and display their creations.

It's easy to get started. Just order a book, get your Book Kit, and go from there. Many people find it helpful to receive their Book Kit, as it prompts them to get those papers out and organized.  Plus, the kit includes a pre-paid label to ship your papers to us. 

The 4everBound Book

The 4everBound Book


Your child’s original art and school papers bound in a custom, personalized hardcover book. Preserve, share, and showcase their best work, forever.SIMPLE PROCESS Choose the range of papers you want to bind: 30, 60, or 90 pieces Select a book… Read More

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