Best Way To Save Your Children's Artwork - (2024)

Best Way To Save Your Children's Artwork - (2024)

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Save Your Children's Artwork - Parents everywhere want to save kids art and schoolwork and often have boxes and bins filled with it in the closet or the garage. These are treasured memories they want to look back on someday...handprints, first drawings, first alphabet, report cards, essays, class photos. Each year a new pile of papers is added, sometimes getting organized into folders or binders, but usually not.  Then one day the kids are grown and up and out, but all those adorable paper memories will still be sitting there, gathering dust. Some moms hand their son or daughter a box of their stuff, and then they have to figure out where to store it.  And the truth is, they'll downsize their house one day and those boxes of precious art and schoolwork will get thrown out.  All those years of memories...gone.

Save your children's artwork in a 4everbound book

Don't hand your kids a box of papers and don't let it sit in the garage for decades until it gets thrown away. 4everBound is a solution that will easily bind your original kids art and schoolwork into custom, hardcover books, the same size, shape, and durability as a high school yearbook.  Since 2017, we have made and shipped thousands of books across the country from Alaska to Maine and every state in between.  There is no other company that does what 4everBound does. While there are one or two other companies that will take pictures of your artwork and make a photo book with it, for a pretty hefty fee, we are the only company that will bind the originals. And nothing looks and feels better than the original.

Original artwork bound in 4everbound book


Step One Order Your Book:  Order your 30 page, 60 page, or 90 page book. It's not uncommon to have more than 90 pages, in which case we can create volumes for you. You're welcome to order as many books as you need.  Included with your book(s) is a shipping kit with a box and protective materials, along with a prepaid shipping label, to send back the papers you want bound in your book. That's right...we pay the shipping to send us your papers.  Your kit is shipped out to you within 24 hours, and the prepaid label we send you is good for one year, so there is no rush and no stress. 

The 4everBound Book

The 4everBound Book


Your child’s original art and school papers bound in a custom, personalized hardcover book. Preserve, share, and showcase their best work, forever.SIMPLE PROCESS Choose the range of papers you want to bind: 30, 60, or 90 pieces Select a book… Read More

Step Two Personalize Your Book:  You don't need to know which color book or what you want the cover to say when you order your book.  You have time to think about all that while you're getting your papers gathered.  Your kit includes a link and instructions to go online and make all your selections like color choices, book title, and you can also add some popular upgrades, such as printing the book title on the spine. You do this at your pace whenever you're ready. 

mom personalizing her 4everbound book

Step Three Your Book is Made:  After we receive your original papers, we prep them and bind them into your book.  And remember, it doesn't have to be just artwork. It can be report cards, essays, certificates, school photos, programs, letters, cards.  For oversized papers, we will trim and/or fold them. For odd shaped pieces, we can bind them or mount them onto the backs of other pages. 

Finished 4everBound Book

Step Four Your Book is Shipped: We package your finished book securely and ship it back 2-3 Day Priority Mail, tracked and insured.


How long does it take?  We can turn a book around and ship it back out within 7-14 business days from when we receive your papers and your personalization choices.  Once you order your kit, we ship those out within 24 business hours. If you order on a Monday, that kit is on it's way to you Tuesday. If you order over the weekend, your kit ships out on Monday.  We want you to get your kit right away.

Is there a deadline?  You can take as long as you like to send us your papers. The prepaid postage label you received with your kit is good for one year from the day you ordered. After one year, if you still haven't used the prepaid label, just let us know and we'll issue you another one.

How will I know you have my papers?  We notify you as soon as we receive your papers, usually within hours.  We also notify you when we are done binding your book, when it ships, and we provide tracking information.  We communicate with you all along the way.

Where are the books made?  We are located in Tucson, Arizona, so every book is custom made right here in the United States. Everything is done in house, by hand, under our supervision.

What if I have other questions? We are proud of our customer service, which seems to have gotten lost in the post-Covid world. The owners are a married couple who work together.  If one can't answer a phone call or message or email, the other one can. The owners are also parents to three kids and treat each project as if it is for one of their own children.  If you have a custom project that you'd like to discuss with us, we are happy to chat, talk, or email personally with you, just click here. Or click our chat feature in the lower right corner of your screen.  (we do sleep at night, so if we're not available, we respond via email the next day)

So, are you ready to get those treasured papers organized and bound into a book? 

30 pages $139 | 60 pages $169 | 90 pages $199

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