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Send us your papers and we’ll send you a book

Memories Don't Belong in a Drawer

Save Your Kids’ Art and School Work – You don’t want to throw those special pieces away, but you also don’t want binders, boxes, and bins piling up in the garage. We have the solution!

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Save Your Kids’ Artwork

We can bind your artwork, schoolwork, letters, essays & more

We will bind your child’s ORIGINAL art and schoolwork into a custom, hardcover book. Not photos or scans, but the actual pieces you’ve saved, even larger sizes or odd shapes.

Send us your papers and we’ll send you a book.

How it works from our store to your door

The process is simple and safe, and takes just a few weeks once we get your papers.


Order your book

Choose a 30, 60, or 90 page book of schoolwork and artwork. Includes a 4everBound Kit to organize and ship your papers back to us


We send you our 4everBoundKit

We send you everything you need to send your papers back to us safely, including a prepaid label with tracking. No extra charge for the kit!


Customize Your Cover

After you send your papers back, visit the online design portal to choose your book color, fonts, book title, and add any extra touches to make it truly unique.


We Handmake Your Book

Everything is done in house by hand, from preparing your papers, to binding your book. Then we ship it back to you, tracked and insured. The average turnaround for one book is 2 weeks.


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Why a 4everbound book is better than a photo book

Parents prefer to keep the original, especially handprints, pieces with texture, or anything meant to open and close, like a special card for mom or dad. You can also include milestones that aren’t meant to be a photo, like stories, certificates, and report cards. Keeping the original is always valued above all other options.

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