All 4everBound Books INCLUDE two lines of personalization on the front cover, in a choice of beautiful foil colors. If you're not sure what you want those two lines to say just yet, no problem. Just put TBD in the fields when you order. Additional custom choices and enhancements are available, most between $1 and $5.  

4everBound Sentiment Keepsake and Chronicle Books Hardcover Personalized Custom

The Sentiment Book is a 1/2 inch spine and can fit 1/2 inch stack of papers, which is approximately 60-80 pages. Includes two lines of personalized text in our standard font. $49.95

The Keepsake Book more than doubles the page count for only $20 more. 1-inch spine holds 1-inch stack of papers, which is about 160 pages.  Includes two lines of personalized text in our standard font. $69.95

The Chronicle Book is our best value because it holds triple the size of the Sentiment book for less than double the price.  It's a 1.5-inch spine and holds a 1.5-inch stack of papers, approximately 250 pages. Includes two lines of personalized text in our standard font. $89.95

Spine printing on a 4everBound BookSpine Printing is one of top selling enhancement to your book for just $9.95. It's almost a must if you're planning on creating more than one book.

Monograms, Silhouettes, Font Styling, Title Page, Pocket Divider, Clear Archival Sleeves and Archival Photo Pages are additional options priced between $1 and $5.4everBound Title Page4everBound Font Styling4everBound Silhouettes4everBound Monograms4everBound Pocket Divider4everBound Archival Photo Page4everBound Clear Archival Sleeve4everBound Spine Printing of Name and Grade