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RANKED #1 in Real Simple Magazine's "What We Love" Section, June 2017

We love the book and Jenae is loving her art journal.  Thank you so much and look forward to making another one for her next year. - Jael H.
My son and I loved the book!!! My son was so excited and liked looking book over his drawings that he drew when he was younger. This book is a true treasure and we will forever cherish. I am looking forward to making more bounds books with you in the future. Thanks again! - LaTanya T.  

I just received the book and am I so happy with how it came out! My daughter is going to be so excited to see it and I will definitely recommend this idea to my friends and family. -Nechama B.

I received Eric's books today and they are wonderful! They are a Christmas present but I am not sure I can wait that long before I show him. Thanks for saving our memories in such a beautiful fashion.  - Gail D.

I received my book and LOVE it! It is now sitting on my coffee table for all to see. Also, I have a group of school friends (and moms) coming over tomorrow for a summer swim play date and can't wait to show them!!! - Jennifer W.

I love the idea of having their original work! I was going to take photos of all their art work and then make a photo album but this is soooo much better! I have 5 kiddos so this is going to be an amazing space saver on their school work!!!! -Ashlie D.

I received my book today and absolutely LOVE it! - Mary T.

You created a graduation gift for Alex that he will treasure forever.  I cannot begin to express my gratitude. Your business is genius! - Leslie V.

I received the book yesterday for my son.  It looks great!  I'm sure he will like it.  Thanks for doing such a good job and in a timely manner.  - Denise P.

Oh, I am SO pleased with it! What a great job.  You really went above and beyond with this project and I am THRILLED! - Lenora A.

Thank you so much for Sebastian's Kindergarten book.  We will treasure it forever!  Your package was delivered beautifully, thank you so much for your service! - Brie S.

Thank you so much!  We love the books. - Sarah S.

I just got the first book and I LOVE IT!  Lexi also loved it and she actually remembered some of the work and art.  It would have taken me years and years to scan all the papers I have saved. - Rena A.

The book is just WONDERFUL!  Thank you so much! - Sara H.

Thank you so much for binding my old work into books because I love it! I liked it a lot. - Lexi A.

I love this!!! And being that we're a military family, my husband has a lot of things from his girls (I'm the stepmom) when he was deployed and stationed elsewhere. We have to do this. Thank you SO MUCH for the idea. Also - this is a perfect gift! Christmas, Birthday, Father's/Mother's Day...loving it! - Heather W.

What a great idea this is! - Jennifer B.

WOW, what a brilliant idea. I would have never thought of it. As a mom of 2, I have PLENTY of art work that they bring home from school alone. Not including the stuff they make at home - Vera B. 

This would be a great present for the grandparents and family. It is a great idea to keep all those school drawings that are in a box somewhere. Great for mother's and father's day gifts too. I am going to start gathering my favorites to create one soon. - Monica Y.

What an original idea! That would be great for parents to collect their children's artwork, photos, letters, mementos all in one spot. We all know it's impossible to throw this stuff out. I agree that this would make a great gift for grandparents. - Lori B.

Right now, all my papers are in a box because I know not what to do with them and can't bear throwing them away. I have 5 children, 3 school aged. This is the best thing ever! I'm so excited!!  - Alyce N.

A memoir sounds like it would be a great thing. Although I really do love all of the kids putting together some books. These are the types of things that I look back on fondly when I grew up. Being able to see me piece together a scrapbook with photos and letters and collections inside. It's like a big collection of memories. - David E.

Wow, what a cool idea. I have all my kiddos artwork and photos in a box and that makes me sad. I would love to do this so I can easily flip through all of their accomplishments. - Tina

I am going to scavenger through the house and see what I can find. We need to have my sons artwork bound. Love this so much - Michelle C.

Wicked cool idea! It's nice to be able to compile all their work in one or a couple of books. It's going to help you clean up the clutter in the house and make sure that you're able to keep all of the kids' work! - Marceline D.

All parents need this! You do amazing work  - Jill D.

Growing up my mom put all my work in binders and labeled them by grade. They are sitting in a closet somewhere. Now we can turn those messy binders into one of your beautiful books  - Danielle D.

Working as an educator, both teachers and parents would love your books. - Ann T.

I'm going to make a book for my friend with all the letters we wrote to each other while she was at camp every summer.  I've been saving them for 40 years and can't wait to surprise her! - Maria A.

I am so happy to finally make my book!  Lexi is almost 16 now. - Irene A.

I think you have a great idea and it looks like a wonderful product. - Jenny P.

These books look awesome and I love that it's their original work!  - Lindsay C.

OMG in love and obsessed!  I can’t wait for you to get started on my first pieces!  - Rochelle H.

I have a box of stuff for each of my kids, I can’t wait to turn them into keepsakes!  - Katy B.

I’m so excited to send you stuff!  I have 3 kids and am always looking for a way to organize their projects and papers.  Yay!!! - Tina K.

I need this done.  – Elizabeth D.

This is sooo cute. – Christina C.

Yes, I have a big box!!! – Faith C.

Love it!!!!!! – Mayte A.

Great idea! – Joanne C.

I’m definitely doing this!! – Meaghan S.

I found a solution! – Juliana F.

What a great idea. – Helen A.

That looks great. – Lorie V.

Wow, that’s awesome!  - April W.

This is cool! – Amelia B.

This is such a great idea.  I remember my mother saving so much of my stuff, I would have loved seeing it on display like this. – Breanne R.

Brilliant – Kristine M.

Perfect for Micah’s stuff. – Darlyn T.

What an awesome idea. – Meenal B.

Love this!! – Damaris S.

What a precious keepsake. – Claire S.

Apparently, I’m not the only one saving all their school work.  This is something I’m definitely doing. – Jenna K.

I’ve become a hoarder of school and artwork.  This would be so very helpful. – Jennifer S.

I need to do this for C when she’s in school. – Vanessa C.

What a great idea!!! – Connie J.

I have been saving ALL of my daughter’s school work and it would be so cool to have it all like this instead of in a file. – Kelsey F.

Oh snap!!!!!  I totally need to do this! – Brandi E.

What a beautiful idea!!!!  I have bins of papers from my kiddos and I kept my grandparents' cards that were given to them, and cards they have written to me.  So many beautiful memories.  I’m excited to give this a try. – Marina D.

This is what I need to do. – Heather Z.

This is awesome!!! – Mara R.

Would it be sad to order one for my own schoolwork? – Shannon H.

I think I need this. – Carmen P.

Need to remember this when Rocco goes to school. – Desiree F.

LOVE this! – Taylor G.

Omgosh!! I really need to this with his stuff!!! – Brooke P.

I was already planning on doing this myself but super stoked to see you do it. – Kristin F.

This is awesome. – Leanne G.

We should do this. – Rosa M.

So cool! – Briahna McK

I’m totally doing this. – Dennys P.

How cool! – Jaime K.

I love this! – Ligia M.

What an awesome idea!! – Carol Ann H.

That is fantastic! – Julia P.

I need to do this – Chelsea O.

Remember when we were talking about what to do with all those homework assignments and art projects that come home every week from our children?  This is a cool idea! – Betty H.

This is a cute idea. – Madison R.

I like it.  I’ve saved everything. – Maggie C.

I totally want this for our kids!! – Kaylee H.

I’m doing this!!!!!! – Jessie C.

Awesome idea! – Karen R.

Babe!!!  I found a solution! – Juliana F.

Omg I have so much stuff of Ayden’s school work – Mallory R.

Awesome service, very reasonable prices! – Trish F.

Beautiful graduation gifts – Lorine D.

I am not the only crazy one! – Megan D.

How very cool is this?  What a neat way to save those special moments. – Kathy S.

That is incredible, definitely doing this. – Meaghan S.

I have been looking for something like this! – Karen R.

We need to do this for the kids. – Meghan P.