Ordering Our Books

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Your precious, original paper memories out of storage and professionally bound in a personalized, hardcover book.

We have three sizes to fit up to 1.5 inch thick stack of papers.  All books include two lines of beautiful foil print personalization on the front cover.

Step One to ordering a 4everBound BookChoose a book size and color. 

See sizing chart below.



Step Two ordering a 4everBound BookPersonalize the front cover when you order or you can always do it later when you send your papers. If you're not quite sure what you want the cover to say, just put TBD in the personalization fields when you order.

Step Three to order a 4everBound BookPrepare and ship your papers at your convenience.  We send you complete instructions with your order confirmation.





Book size chart for 4everBound Chronicle, Keepsake and Sentiment size books

Don't let selecting a Book Size stress you out.You can always change your book size later if you discover you need a different size. We will measure your papers when they arrive to make sure they will fit in the size book you ordered. If a change is needed, we will contact you.You can go up or down in size for the difference in price.

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