The Books

We've all done it. We take our families photos, art projects, certificates and more- our most precious treasures- and bury them in a box or a plastic bin. Whenever we come across it every few years, we open the box and take a stroll down memory lane. But as time goes on, we visit those memories less often and those treasures begin to see damage and fade away in the bins.

But it doesn't need to be this way... preserve your memories in a 4everBound book!

A 4everBound book is a safe and permanent way to protect your child's art projects, school work, photos and more. The process is simple- first, order your book. You can select the right thickness, colors, text and more... customize just for your family! Then you'll safely and securely ship the materials you want to include in your book. We'll carefully prepare your materials to be permanently bound into a custom hardcover book. Then we'll securely ship your new favorite keepsake to you so you can enjoy it for a lifetime! We use state of the art binding processes to bind your books, but we also carefully hand-prepare your keepsakes to ensure they are not harmed and are properly preserved. 4everBound books are more than hand-made... they are heart-made! Learn more about how the books are made here.

Get those memories out of storage and into your hands... Display those treasures proudly with a 4everBound book!

Choose your 4everBound book below- 3 sizes to meet your needs! Not sure which size to choose? Stack up your pages and measure and measure the thickness.

Here's a suggestion:

  • 1/2 inch stack of pages (approx 60-80 pages)- Choose The Sentiment
  • 1 inch stack of pages (approx 80-160 pages)- Choose The Keepsake
  • 1 1/2 inch stack of pages (approx 160-250 pages)- Choose The Chronicle

Need help figuring out what you need? Drop us a line!

Thank you for trusting us with your treasured keepsakes... we look forward to being a part of your family memories for years to come! 

Select the right thickness below to get started!