I Hurt Her Feelings!

February 08, 2017

I Hurt Her Feelings!

Our daughter, Cali, drew a picture of a Minion with the word Boonana on a rather small piece of crummy paper and folded it up.  It had been laying around for a while, so while cleaning one day, I committed the number one cardinal sin...I unceremoniously tossed it...into the kitchen trash can...that is unlocked...and accessible.

Now, before you all lecture me on the Official How To's of discarding child creations, especially Boonana Minions, I normally place throwing away anything she has written or drawn or made on the same catastrophic preparedness level as the Cuban Missile Crisis.  I'm as cautious as I would be holding a glass bottle of nitroglycerin on a bumpy road in a car with square wheels.  But on this particular day, I must have hit my head or inhaled too much cleaning solution;  I simply have no explanation for my unforgivable, apocalyptic fumble.  Sacred ground should have opened up and swallowed me right then and there, but it didn't. I went about the rest of my day like nothing happened.  

Until I walked into the kitchen later that evening and saw her Boonana Minion, unfolded, on the kitchen counter.  Along with a sticky note that read "You hurt my feelings by throughing this away!  From Cali.", illustrated with a broken heart and I'm not quite sure what the other thing is.  Oh wait, it's a trash can.   

"You hurt my feelings by throughing this Away!  from Cali"

It was NOT the time to correct her spelling of "throwing".

You know how the rest goes.  I went and found her and hugged her and apologized profusely and begged her to forgive me and assured her I didn't do it on purpose (okay, I lied a little about the on purpose part) and told her I would keep it forever.

And so I have.  The Boonana Minion, along with her note, are now preserved forever inside one of her 4everBound Books, in one of the pockets designed to hold just these types of memories.  We will look back on this together when she is older and chuckle.  And maybe, just maybe, I'll confess that I absolutely did throw it away on purpose.  But no, I didn't mean to hurt her.


P.S.:  I now only throw things away directly into the giant trash bin outside, on trash days.  She isn't tall enough to get in there. 



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