Bind My Letters - 30 Years of Christmas Letters

Bind My Letters - 30 Years of Christmas Letters

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We'll be honest, it's not often we get orders from men asking us to bind my letters into a book. Men may save things, sure, but it's typically the moms, wives, and daughters who gather it all up and send it in. We're not going to make a judgment about it, it's just the way it is.  

So when we received an order from Thomas for a book he titled "30 Years of Christmas", we were intrigued. About a week later, a thin package of 30 sheets of paper arrived.

Bind My Letters

It was letters. Every year, from 1986 to 2016 his wife, Erika, typed out an annual Christmas letter for friends and family, then saved a copy in a folder. No, not a computer folder. An actual manila folder. And there, in a file cabinet, these letters sat until recently, when his granddaughter, Katherine, discovered 4everBound Books online and thought this would be a fantastic way to create a family keepsake for her grandmother.

We can tell that Erika's first few letters were written on a typewriter. And some even had hand-drawn artwork at the top.

Christmas Letter on a typewriterNorth Star Christmas drawing 4everBound Books

It may not have been Erika's plan when she saved these letters, but when you read them chronologically, they create a historical narrative of their family, year after year, the ups and downs, for three decades. Children graduated school, got married, grandchildren were born. The letters reminisce about vacations they took, health complications, moves, even flood, and fire.

Family Christmas letter 4everBound BooksChristmas letter saved in a Sentiment size 4everBound Book

4everBound Christmas Letter Keepsake Book4everBound Christmas Keepsake Book

We don't have time to read through all the letters in the detail, nor would we, but as we are preparing papers and binding them into a hardcover book, certain sentences do jump out, and it became clear that what was originally just a collection of annual update letters, is now a beautiful collection of family history.


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